What are the legal requirements for owning a dog?
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What are the legal requirements for owning a dog?

What are the legal requirements for owning a dog?

What are the legal requirements for owning a dog?

Every owner should know about dog-laws
There are so many laws that can affect dog owners, those who are not aware of them. The Animal Welfare Act states that all owners should meet their pet's welfare needs. Include diets, behavior, companionship, and health.

Dogs must have all these facilities so that they can live their best possible life. Not providing these facilities means your dog's wellbeing could suffer, and this would be your negligence and could lead to prosecution for animal cruelty.

Let’s Know About Animal Law
Include cruelties, such as hurting an animal and ignoring them, when someone does not take any action to prevent suffering. 

This Act also lays out specific laws about severe injuries and cruel operations, such as ear cropping, tail docking, dog fighting, and poisoning. 

If, anyone doing this can be prosecuted and face a criminal judgment of guilt in court. Possibly will have to face imprisonment, fines, or a ban from keeping animals.

When getting a puppy, always check if the breeder has a license or not. A breeder should give their license details, including the license number.

A license holder must provide all the welfare needs of the breeding dogs and their puppies. They should also provide socialization for their puppies; have healthcare plans in place, and a vet consultant. 

License holders must not sell a puppy less than eight weeks old and also those who require any veterinary treatment. For example, an ill puppy.

Adopting a pet is a good thing. But acceptance of it has also changed over time. Pets become good companions to many people, helping them in many ways. 

Helping them to build up a good emotional bond between the owner and their pet.

The Indian Constitution has given equal rights to every citizen's right to decide how they choose to live. Even though it is considered a basic right, most owners are being harassed, for keeping a pet at home, especially in residential apartments.

Some of the rules set by the Animal Welfare Board of India in their recent circular are:

There is the existence of other people agreeing, about not allowing pets in the apartment. A ban on owning pets is illegal and cannot be enforced on tenants.

They cannot pass any notice that describes the size or breed of dogs that will be accepted in the apartment, while others are rejected.

The barking of a pet dog would not be considered a valid reason to ban dogs from the apartment.

Usually, people staying in the apartment get disturbed at night when dogs bark at night.

Apartment associations cannot pass any law regarding the use of elevators or lift or impose a fine on tenants whose pets use elevators or lifts. If a lift exists in the apartment, pet owners are tenants can use it for convenience.

Pets cannot be banned from gardens, parks, and other public spaces. However, timing has to be maintained, so that they do not disturb or scare kids or other tenants, or create any inconvenience.

Those who feed or give shelter to stray animals, also give opinions about what could or should be done for. Like sterilization, vaccination, and health care.  

After sterilization and vaccination, those animals must be returned to the same place, under ABC Rules 2001.

Any cruelty towards stray is also a punishable offense under section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and sections 428 and 429 of the Indian Prison /punishment Code.

Dogs Basic Needs
Stainless steel bowls are more durable and safer for dogs. And it is easy to wash when it gets dirty. Avoid using plastic dog bowls.

The plastic bowl may spread toxins in food and water. Tiny holes present on the surface of the bowl helps in bacterial growth that spreads toxins.

Make sure your dog's collar fits properly in his neck. You should be able to put two fingers between the collar and the dog's neck. Leashes should be at least 4 - 6 feet long to secure good control over your dog.

Provide your dog with some dog toys for mental and physical stimulation. Give them a few different types of toys to discover your dog's preference. Change toys to keep them interested and challenged.

Dog crates or dog cages allow you to keep your dog to a particular place and under control when they are unsupervised.

Provide sufficient food for young puppies that start eating 3-4 times a day after four months.

Provide balanced dog food twice a day for adult dogs. The dog should always have fresh, clean water. 

It should be changed at least twice a day. Reward your pets with some dog treats for their good work.

Dog's exercise needs, depending on breed, age, and size.

Dog's basic grooming needs include nail trimming, brushing, washing, dental hygiene, and ear cleaning.


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Published On: 5-November-2021
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