Dog Accessories: Price of dog leash
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Dog Accessories: Price of dog leash

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  • Dog Accessories: Price of dog leash

Dog Accessories: Leashes and collars

Leashes are very helpful while walking, training or exercising. Any standard kind of leash is suitable for walks or exercises. Leashes come in varied forms of widths, lengths, and styles. 

They are available to cover the multitude of applications we find in everyday life and training. Leashes are made to suit every breed and temperament. But most importantly, it is used to keep our dogs safe and in control while going out in public.

The choice of leash matters when your dog is struggling with some behavioral issues like aggression, or if you are trying to give him some specific training. Hence, while choosing a leash, it is very important to consider the purpose for which it will be used. The length, style, material, and width of the leash should also be taken into account while choosing one.

You should always make sure that your dog is comfortable and that the leash is not choking him in any way. Remember, the purpose of a leash is not only to control your dog.
The different kinds of commercially available leashes at their best prices are discussed below- 
Nylon Leash- These leashes are made of nylon which is very gentle on the skin of your dog. They come in different colors and can be quite fashionable for your dog.
This product comes in different sizes and is priced accordingly. The price range is between Rs135 to Rs250. Take a look at it here.

Rope Leash- Rope leashes are mostly used as a training aid to prevent the dogs from pulling. It tightens around the collar of your dog when pulled and just puts enough pressure on their neck to establish control. 

Rope leashes are among the strongest leashes available. These rope leashes have a good grip and come with hooks which makes them very strong as well as comfortable to hold. It is made of good quality material hence it cannot be easily torn and bitten off by dogs. It comes in different sizes and colors.

Rope leashes are prized from Rs80 to Rs300 depending on the size. Take a look at it here

Retractable Leash- Retractable leash is a cord that is wrapped around a spring-loaded device housed inside a plastic handle that fits comfortably in a human hand. 

These leashes have a button on the handle that controls the amount of cord extended. Retractable leashes should be used in an open field or large areas where there are not any potential dangers around, like cars, obstacles, and other dogs. 

This is because they can be quite long and can get easily intertwined. However, if used properly in an open space, retractable leashes can make training and walks more interesting as the dog is not confined and has a lot of space to move around.

The price of this product depends on its size and starts at Rs770. Take a look at it here.

Leather Leash-Leather leashes are quite strong and allow you a lot of grip stability. It is less likely to slip through your hand when your dog jumps or pulls. If leather leashes get wet, they do not become slippery which also makes them a very good option for a leash. It is very good for training purposes as it is very durable. This product also has a timeless and classy look making it a very good choice for dog parents. It is priced at Rs320. Take a look at it 

Chain Leash- A chain leash is a replacement for the standard leash and is very good for dogs who bite and chew on their leashes. They are available in various thicknesses and weights so they are suitable for all kinds of dogs. Make sure to choose one which is not too heavy for your dog. Although, you have to be careful with chain leashes because if your dog does not understand that it is indestructible and keeps on biting it, then it can lead to serious teeth damage.

The ones available on our site are rust free and has a comfy handle for better grip. The product is priced at Rs380. Take a look at it here.
Here are some quite popular products similar to the previous ones that you might want to check out-
The Padded Dog Leash which is sure to make the long walks more comfy and enjoyable.
Different kinds of choke chains made of brass and iron which can be used for professional training as well as for everyday use.
These Nylon choke collars are used for reducing loss of hair on the neck area and their unique limited closure prevents the choke from becoming too tight.
This Nylon Padded Leash Collar Set is a popular pick as it is comfortable as well as adjustable.

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Published On: 10-October-2020
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