Tips for Responsible Pet Parenting
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Tips for Responsible Pet Parenting

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  • Tips for Responsible Pet Parenting

Responsible Pet Parenting

They say home is where the heart is. I say home is where the pet is. Just the thought of a pet makes us smile to imagine what having one would feel like? 

Having pets makes you feel good, both physically and mentally. Many medical studies have shown that pet owners have lower stress levels and fewer heart attacks. If you have a dog or cat, you always have someone to come home to and your furry friend will never tell your boss all the horrible things you said after a particularly bad day at the office.

It should come as no surprise that researchers have found that petting and talking to a companion animal reduces blood pressure. Many retirement facilities and hospitals bring in pets for visits or have a pet at the facility.

Animal-assisted therapy is being used for more health issues than ever before. Guide dogs continue to help the blind, but now assistance dogs also help deaf humans, the physically handicapped, and people with epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, and other afflictions.

Many problems related to pets stem from a lack of understanding. Many people approach pet ownership as something similar to owning a car- if it is broken, take it to be fixed. If it has too many problems, you return it to a dealer or sell it. This pets-are-disposable attitude is why so many dogs end up in rescue groups and animal shelters.

It is tragic because almost all problems can be solved with a little patience and understanding. A pet is a pet. A pet is not a small human and expecting him to behave like one is unfair. Every pet is an individual and you have to work within the limitations of the personality of the pet All pets in the household need to learn the rules, but the humans need a few rules too.

Your pet loves you and the best thing you can do is to love him in return. Like any family member, you learn to live with a few foibles because the companionship and love you receive are worth it.

Pets are the most innocent creatures in the world and we must do everything to keep them happy. Nowadays, owning a pet has become more like a trend people do it for social media and that's how so many pets end up abandoned on the streets. Your obligation towards a pet is similar to your responsibility towards a child.

PetIndiaOnline urges people to be more responsible when it comes to pet parenting. Here are some key pointers related to responsible pet parenting-

If you want a pet, you should first consider if having one suits your lifestyle. 

You should always consider that your pet is a part of your life whereas, you are your pet's life. It is important to decide if you are willing to make that commitment. 

You should do detailed research on the breed you want to bring home. It is better if you try to adopt one.

Apart from basic nutrition, a pet needs regular grooming, clinic visits, and many pet care products. It's a recurring cost so only get a pet if you can afford one. 

When you finally decide to get a pet, ensure that your house or apartment is fully pet-proof. 

Make sure you provide comfortable bedding, water, and food.

You should fix the timing for feeding your pet and have a fixed feeding place.

A very important part of a pet is its diet. See to it that it gets the best nutrition and has a balanced diet for it to fully develop.

Playing with a pet is good but you should never tire him or irritate him.

You should never beat or scold a pet unnecessarily. Just raising a voice will make him realize that he has done something wrong.

You should encourage good habits and discourage bad habits from the very first day.

Many pet lovers treat their pets as their children- from taking care of their grooming needs and helping them socialize to celebrating their birthdays, they do it all. The best part is they never feel tired for once & look forward to it every day. Some families only have fur babies and we love them for what they do for their little ones.

Knowing what your responsibilities are and caring for your pets is key to being the best pet parent that you can be.

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Published By: Admin
Published On: 18-October-2020
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