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Bird Feeder| Buy bird feeder online India

Bird Feeder| Buy bird feeder online India Bird Feeder| Buy bird feeder online India Bird Feeder| Buy bird feeder online India Bird Feeder| Buy bird feeder online India Bird Feeder| Buy bird feeder online India

Bird feeder facts

Bird feeders are small containers that contain seeds, nuts, or other food for birds. Some bird feeders are designed to be hung from a tree branch or pole, while others can be placed on the ground. Bird feeders can be made from various materials, including wood, plastic, glass, and metal. Some bird feeders are decorative, while others hold food and water for birds.

What is the Purpose of Bird Feeders?
While many different bird feeders are available today, most have one thing in common: they allow people to attract birds to their yards and garden. While many people use bird feeders to attract birds into their yards, there are other reasons you might want to use them as well.

The great thing about birds is that they're always up for a game of catch. But when you want to feed them, you need an entertaining and functional bird feeder. Here are some tips to make sure you get the best bird feeder for your needs:

Choose the right size
A good rule of thumb is that if you have more than one bird in your yard, you'll need a larger feeder. Go more prominent if you have one large bird and smaller if you have several smaller ones. 

Consider how much room you have
You don't want to buy an expensive feeder that won't fit in your backyard! Make sure the size of the base of the feeder is appropriate for your space — it should be tall enough so that birds can land on it and not hit their heads on the bottom or sides of the tray when they perch on it.

Check out reviews online before buying a new feeder
Ensure it has been well-reviewed by other owners who've bought it before! This will help ensure that any potential problems people may encounter with their new purchase won't ruin their day and save them money in return for making such a wise choice!

Where should you Keep the Bird Feeder
The most important thing to remember is that birds need more than just food! They also need water and shelter from the elements. If you only have one bird feeder, make sure to put it in a place where there's plenty of space for birds to land after eating their fill and then take off again. This is especially important if predators in your area would like nothing more than an easy meal from your backyard — you don't want them stealing all your hard-earned seeds!

Things to Put in the Bird Feeder
Even if you're unsure what kind of birds might visit your backyard, always having some food available is a good idea. Most birds eat seeds and nuts, but some prefer insects or fruit. Putting out different kinds of food can help attract a wider variety of species and keep your feeder from getting boring!

Some of the most common ingredients include:
1. Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

2. White Proso Millet

3. Cracked Corn 

4. Peanuts (in shell) 

5. Suet 

6. Nuts 

7. Fruit

Types of Bird Feeders
Many bird feeders are available, but the main categories are hanging and platform. Hanging Feeders If you want to attract birds that tend to forage on the ground, a hanging feeder is your best bet. These can be made of metal or plastic and come in all shapes and sizes. Some have perches where birds can sit while eating from underneath; others require them to eat from above.

Tray Feeders
This type of feeder attracts most birds. Astray feeders do not give any protection from the rain. The seeds offered in them should be finished in a day or two. The best tray feeders have both screened for drainage. It can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Hopper Feeders
This feeder can hold seeds for several days, making it convenient for many people. It protects the seeds from harsh weather and bird droppings, but if the seeds get wet, they can become a breeding ground for many bacteria and fungi.

Tube Feeders
Tube bird feeders are usually made of a clear plastic tube. They can have either plastic or metal caps, bases, and perches. They often have small perches that the birds use to sit on.

Window Feeders
Window feeders are fixed to window glass with suction cups. They allow you to view birds closer than you usually could. Seeds in these feeders should be changed daily as there is a high risk of the food becoming soiled. 

Nyjer Feeders
Nyjer or thistle feeders are designed to serve and hold smaller, thinner thistle seeds. They have port openings smaller than those for mixed seeds, preventing them from falling out. These feeders allow birds with tiny beaks to access the little feeding ports.

Suet Feeders
Suet feeders can be nailed or tied to a tree trunk, suspended, or affixed to the side of a hopper feeder. These are effective; many birds can visit these feeders if used correctly.

This can be a great way to communicate with those who do not get a chance to keep pet birds.


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