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Nowadays we hardly find trees around us. Due to our fast paced lives, we havenít even realized how rapidly our chirpy friends are losing their natural habitat. In a country like India, which has hot summers and a humid climate altogether, it becomes more important to feed them. One accessory is a bird feeder. Install a bird feeder in your garden to attract large number of birds.

What is a bird feeder?

A bird feeder is a tray or a bowl that is placed outdoors for birds to eat from. It can be a shallow dish or a platform of any sort. It is easily available online and has lots of benefits to it. Putting a bird feeder in your garden really does help wildlife. It is important to put a bird feeder where the birds can see them.

Where to put a bird feeder?

We should always put a bird feeder under a shade or in a small bird house where the birds can feel safe from their predators. It is important for the birds to cool down and feel safe while eating. Birds love to dunk and splash in water so it is even better if you can place a bird bath near the feeder.

What to put in a bird feeder?

You can put a variety of seeds in a bird feeder. It is important to choose the food according to the birds in your area. Always remember to include a water feeder as well. The seeds which attract the widest variety of birds are sunflower seeds. Other seeds that can be used in the feeder as well are:

Safflower seeds or Kusum Dana


Black millets

Red millets

White millets

Big Sunflower seeds

Canary Seeds

Kinds of bird feeders

These are the main varieties of bird feeders:

Tray Feeders - This type of feeders attract most birds. As tray feeders do not give any protection from rain, the seeds offered in them should be enough to be finished in a day or two. The best tray feeders have a screened both rather than a solid one for drainage. If not drained properly then it can become a breeding ground for many bacteria.

Hopper Feeders- This kind of feeder can hold seeds for several days which make it convenient for many people. It protects the seeds from harsh weather and bird droppings but if the seeds get wet then it can become a breeding ground for many bacteria and fungi.

Tube Feeders- Tube bird feeders are usually made of a clear plastic tube and can have either plastic or metal caps, bases and perches. Tube bird feeders keep seed clean and dry. Those with metal feeding ports are better for areas with more squirrel traffic. They often have small perches which the birds use to sit on.

Window Feeders- Window feeders are fixed to window glass with suction cups. They give you an opportunity to view birds closer than you normally could. Seeds in these feeders should be changed daily as there is a high risk of the food becoming soiled.  

Nyjer Feeders- Nyjer or thistle feeders are designed to serve and hold smaller, thinner thistle seeds. They have port openings that are smaller than those for mixed seeds and prevent the seeds from falling out. These feeders are for birds with tiny beaks to access the tiny feeding ports.

Suet Feeders- Suet feeders can be nailed or tied to a tree trunk , suspended or affixed to the side of a hoper feeder. These are effective and many birds can visit these feeders if used in the right way.


For all those people who do not get a chance to keep pet birds, this can be a great way to communicate with them.

Bird Feeder| Buy bird feeder online India
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