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Benelux Parrots Primus 800gm (Bird Food)


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Primus, premium food for parakeets, is a balanced and complete food for all kinds of parakeets. This mixture has been carefully mixed with the tastiest ingredients to make sure there are no feeding deficiencies. It contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins to keep your bird in top condition.
This Primus premium product is oxygen-free packed to guarantee freshness.

Seeds, Cereals, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Minerals, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Oils, and Fats. Product of Belgium

Analysis Constituents:

  • Crude protein....12%
  • Crude fat....10%
  • Crude fiber...11%
  • Crude ash....6%
  • Calcium....0.9%
  • Phosphorus....0.5%

Feeding Guidelines:
Feed mix for birds always provides fresh water. Use daily.


How long do african greys live?

The grey parrot, also known as the Congo grey bird, Congo African grey bird, or African grey bird. The grey bird is a medium-sized, mostly grey, black-billed bird. Its typical weight is 400 g, with a pretty close length of 33 cm and a wingspan of 46-52 cm. The grey color on the head and wings is generally darker than its body. The head and body feathers have small white edges. The tail feathers are red.

Grey birds can live for 40-60 years in captivity  (captured in cages, etc.), their lifespan in the wild appears to be shorter about 23 years.

What is the name of a bird disease?

The four sicknesses that most often affect birds that use feeders are food poisoning, trichomoniasis, aspergillosis, and bird-related pox. 

Common Sicknesses
Food poisoning
Food poisoning and often begins as an intestinal area of land infection. Signs of sickness such as diarrhea, ruffled feathers, and feelings of being tired usually happen. Birds who are showing signs of sickness usually die in 1 to 3 days.
Trichomoniasis is caused by a group of one-celled protozoa and regularly affects many bird species. One strain of the parasites infects pigeons and doves and, in turn, their animals (who hunt and kill others). In some strains of the disease, birds develop sores in their mouths or throats because they are unable to swallow, contaminated food is dropped and used destroyed by other birds, this way spreading the infection.
Aspergillosis is a fungal infection caused by the Aspergillus fungus, which can be found in damp seed mixtures, in birds' nesting materials, or in places where garbage and trash are dumped. Spores inhaled into the lungs and air sacs of birds eventually cause dangerous lung disease and swelling of the lung tubes.
Bird-related pox
A viral disease has been reported to infect 60species wild birds. Signs of the disease are damage to body parts that form on unfeathered parts of the body such as legs, feet, and eyelids around the beak and in the mouth.
Mites and Lice
Some species of mites and lice survive on bird feathers and skin while others suck blood. Large numbers of blood-sucking mites can cause a blood disorder that causes weakness and death in young birds.
Feather mites: The most common sign of the sickness of feather mites in birds such as blue jays, cardinals, and different other species is bald, featherless heads. 
Lyme Disease
Ticks can create problems for birds when they attach themselves to the skin around the eyes, making it hard for the bird to locate food.

Can bird diseases kill humans?

Bird flu, also called bird-related influenza, a viral infection that can infect not only birds but also humans. H5N1 is the most common form of bird flu. It's deadly to birds and can easily affect humans and other animals that come in contact with a carrier. The virus isn't known to spread via human-to-human contact. Still, some experts worry that H5N1 may cause a risk of becoming a widespread disease threat to humans.


What food is best for birds?

 The most popular supplemental foods to offer birds include:

Black oil sunflower seeds.
Safflower seeds.
Thus benelux Parrot primus also good for feeding the birds, quality of the seeds are really fine,avaliable at



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