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Benelux Parakeets Primus 1kg + Bird Nest Free (Bird Food)


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Primus, premium food for parakeets, is a balanced and complete food for all kinds of parakeets. This mixture has been carefully mixed with the tastiest ingredients to make sure there are no feeding deficiencies. It contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins to keep your bird in top condition.
This Primus premium product is oxygen-free packed to guarantee freshness.

Seeds, Cereals, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Minerals, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Oils, and Fats. Product of Belgium


  • Crude protein....12%
  • Crude fat....10%
  • Crude fiber...11%
  • Crude ash....6%
  • Calcium....0.9%
  • Phosphorus....0.5%

Feeding Guidelines:
Feed mix for birds always provides fresh water. Use daily.


Do parakeets like being petted?

Budgies do enjoy interaction with humans. A budgie is not brought under control like to be a pet. You need to gain your budgie's trust if you want him to be a pet. A budgie needs deeply caring, understanding feelings. You need to know, petting a budgie is nothing like petting a cat or dog. 

Signal of noise, you could end up with a few pinch, they're never going to be able to bite off your finger with their little beak. Every movement should be soft and gentle. If you're screaming at the kids, Budgies going to be aware and a little nervous.
Start with your hand in the cage just want them to accept, do this 4-5 times a day for up to 15 minutes each time. This will take a week or more. It's all up to the personality of the budgie. After a few times putting a treat on your hand. Be aware, budgie may be afraid, if Budgie they haven't seen before. You could start by giving them a tiny piece of fruit because once they try it, they will love it, do with most fruit and vegetables.

Is a parakeet a good pet?

Parakeets are rewarding pets to own, make great companions. It is important to understand their needs, give them a comfortable and healthy life, create a strong parakeet bond. Parakeets are social birds that require companionship. If you are away from home a lot, at work or traveling, a parakeet may not be the best pet for you or you may want to adopt more than one bird so they can keep each other company. Position their cage, where they can see and hear you well, be sure to talk to your bird. They are curious and will respond to your interactions.

Getting a parakeet can be a long commitment, these birds can live for 10-25 years or longer, depending on their exact species, overall health, and living conditions. Parakeets are not always the best pets for children. 

Parakeets are intelligent birds that need good enough mental stimulation to avoid boredom and stress. Place a variety of perches and toys in their cage, especially bells, mirrors, and items of different colors and shapes that will interest the birds.

Parakeets need good enough space for exercising, roosting. The cage should be as large as your budget can afford, and the bars should provide a good climbing surface that the birds cannot escape. The cage needs to be placed near human activity so the birds are connected.

Parakeets need a varied diet good food, balanced nutrition. Pellets are available in pet stores and have good basic nutrition, they should be added with seed, fruit, and vegetables for better nutrition to keep the bird interested in its food. Freshwater should also always be available to your parakeet.




Can parakeets really talk?

Parakeets are one of the loudest birds family. A happy parakeet will be tweeting a song, talking, or even imitating sounds they hear often.

Parakeets can talk using words that theyve heard. Some have been known to learn hundreds of words from their owners. Almost the same as teaching a baby how to talk, repeat words back to your bird as they try to copy you. Male birds usually learn quicker and talk with more frequency and clearness than female birds, but both are very capable.
Almost the same as talking, whistling is a sign of a happy, healthy bird. Birds can be taught to whistle, it is recommended to teach your bird whistle after teaching them how to talk. Whistling is easier and more fun for them.
Parakeets are noisy birds when it comes to whistles, talking, and daily talk. Screaming, on the other hand, is not typical behavior of parakeets. Some parakeets let out screams once in a while, if you hear what sounds like a real scream from your bird, there might be something wrong. This point show fear, pain, or worry, and depression.

What is pink parakeet called?

Bourke's parakeets are excellent introductory birds, who have a calm personality and can entertain themselves. They are quiet birds that are ideal for apartment residents and are equally suited for individual cages or in small bird refuges, they are excellent partners for finches and cockatiels as well as other Bourke's parakeets. Keep gentle Bourke's parakeets away from aggressive birds.

Bourke's parakeets are quite eye-catching, they have a dusty brown color in their fancy feathers with pink feathers covering the chest, and blue feathers tail. The backs of their wings are a darker brownish-gray color in each feather highlighted by a lighter-colored outline.
They are sexually dimorphic. The adult male has a blue forehead, while the adult female has little or no blue on the forehead. The male also tends to be a little larger than the female. One of the most popular is Bourke's parakeet, which is a bright shade of pink.

Why budgies are bad pets?

Budgies can be loud. Depending on the number in your flock and their personalities, some budgies are noisy all day. Budgies are early risers and some will start flock-calling you before the sun is even up.

Budgies are messy, get a seed catcher for your cage, and expect to vacuum or sweep around your cage area every day (more than once a day). Budgies get more messes once you add in bath time or feeding wet foods like chop. Get ready for wiping wet food, occasional budgie poop off the walls.

Budgies poop every 5-10 minutes. Poops are small and easy to clean up, especially once they dry, when you've had a bird on your head, run your fingers through your hair with a nice fresh poop. They will poop everywhere. Larger birds may be trained to poop only in certain spots, budgies should not be trained that way.

What is the best food for cockatiels?
Cockatiels enjoy a range of foods, including commercial birdseed, pelleted food, vegetables, fruit, and the occasional treat.
A mixture of 75% pellets and 25% seeds will be the mainstay of the cockatiel's diet. Keep your cockatiel's food bowl three-quarters full and refresh it daily. Feed bird dark, leafy greens and other fresh veggies every other day. These should make up no more than 20% of their overall diet.

Offer your cockatiel fresh fruit such as berries, melon, papaya, or kiwi every other day. Offer cockatiel a honey stick or millet spray once a month as a special treat. Be sure the birds access fresh, clean water at all times. 

What is the best bird seed mix?

Birdseed is the most popular type of food, but there are many types of birdseed and not all of them can appeal to all birds. Understanding how to choose the best birdseed.

Sunflower Seeds: All types of flower seeds are excellent for any bird, and this seed is the best choice for beginning bird feeding. Black oil flower seeds are the most common and are great for most songbirds, while the larger striped flower seeds are good for larger birds with stronger bills. Hulled flower kernels and chips are also popular with smaller birds because they are easier to eat.


Preferred Bird:  Chickadees, house finches, titmice, jays, grosbeaks, cardinals, sparrows, nuthatches, woodpeckers, doves, goldfinches




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