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Canary Seed Bird Food 1kg


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  • Plain Canary Seed is an important element in the diet of all Canaries but must be used in conjunction with other seeds.
  • All sizes are bagged in clear plastic bags.
  • Canary seed is grown in Australia in similar areas to wheat and oats and during the winter season.
  • It is considered an important component in birdseed mixes because of its palatability and nutritional content.
  • Low in carbohydrates and high in fiber in comparison to other millets, it is a good source of food that is not fattening.
  • Breeders of canaries, finches, and budgies place great importance on canary seeds as being part of their bird’s diet.
  • Although the more expensive canary seed is integral in a good quality bird seed mix. Unlike other cereal grains, a canary can be stored for a long time without deteriorating.
  • The canary seed, also called canarygrass (Phalaris canariensis) is the main component of most seed mixes, therefore, not only important for canaries but also for almost all seed-eating Finches, parrots and parakeets.
  • The canary seed is a type of grass seed. The size and appearance are highly dependent on the country of origin. In southern countries is the canary seed even a weed.
  • Canary Seed is low in fat (5,5 %), rich in carbohydrates (52,3 %) and rich in protein (14,9 %). Crude fiber is contained in a proportion of 8,9 % and raw ash 6,2 %.

Use for: The Canaries, Wild Birds, Exotic Finches, Budgerigars, Parakeets.


What do budgies eat?

Budgies naturally eat a variety of seeds (grass seeds), fruits, berries, and green plants. They feed on or near the ground. What they eat differs/changes with food availability during different seasons. Commercial seed mixes generally contain 2 - 8 different kinds of seeds. They tend to be high in fat and carbohydrates, low in protein, vitamins, and minerals. A budgie will often pick only certain things selected to eat only 1 or 2 of its favorite types of seed. Millet seeds, or millet branches, are often chosen special and goodly, and these seeds are having enough in many things that act as foods. Honey sticks are offered also, these simply seeds that are stuck together with sugar and honey and are similar to food nutrients. Molting foods, song foods, and conditioning foods are simply different combinations of more seeds that are nutritionally incomplete.

Do budgies like to cuddle?

Budgies like to cuddle in their special way. When they are not wild easily controlled, will sit on your shoulder or your head and make yourself look good in your hair, show you that they love you. 

Some budgies are cuddlier than others, depends on how they are raised as a baby and how they've been treated. If you spend a little time on them, they will treat you equally. Each budgie is different, some may love to cuddle and others maybe not. There's a difference comes to cuddling with budgies, not like cats or dogs who will snuggle up with you. Their way of being a cuddle is by sitting on your shoulder, chest, or finger, there the way of cuddling budgies.

How do you make homemade cockatiel food?

The healthy cockatiel is a varied diet, with many types of foods and vitamins. Sticking to a strict diet of commercially produced pet foods, you should also feed it many of the same foods you eat. However, you need to careful of food safety when caring for these small pets.

Prepare fresh food appropriately. Store food in closed containers. Provide a clean food dish. Remove fresh food after an hour. Provide a clean water bowl, eat with your cockatiel. Choosing Food For a Cockatiel to make seeds or pellets the basis diet. Provide good enough Calcium. Provide protein. Give your cockatiel carbohydrates. Feed your bird fruits and vegetables. Think about vitamin supplements. Do not feed your bird nuts. Do not feed your bird shellfish. Do not feed your bird canned food. Be aware of poisonous fruits and vegetables. Remember that, if it isn't good for you, it probably isn't good for your cockatiel.

What does a bird like to eat?

Different bird species have different dietary needs and feeding preferences, what birds surround your area and what they eat is the first step toward attracting them with food. The different types of foods most birds naturally eat include insects worms, grubs, and mosquitos, plant material seeds, grasses, flowers, small berries or fruit, and nuts.

The best way to provide supplemental food for birds is through a dedicated feeding station. 

There are many types of bird feeders to choose from, including hopper, tube, as well as specialized feeders for foods like fruit, jelly, or nectar. 

The most popular supplemental foods to offer birds include:

Flower seeds





Safflower seeds

Mixed birdseed



Peanut butter


Cracked corn




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