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Beaphar Multi-Vitamin Paste

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Beaphar Multi-Vitamin Paste for dogs is a paste with 2 functions in 1 tube. The combination of multi-vitamin and Bio-MOS paste helps to support optimal health and digestion.

Give your dog 3 cm of paste daily per 5 kg of body weight. This can be given over the food or directly from the tube. Always keep fresh drinking water available.

As well as L-Carnitine to help with the development of strong, healthy muscle, and to enable the body to burn fat effectively.  Its recommended for dogs or puppies over 3 months. The Bio-MOS paste contains extra minerals and Bio-MOS that actively stimulates the healthy intestinal flora of your dog.


Product FAQs

Beaphar Lactol Milk is good for puppies and kittens?

 Beaphar Lactol Complete milk replacer is one of the best milk supplements for your puppy/kitten. This product has created for puppies, kittens and newborn animals. If you have a large number of puppies and kittens in (group of newborn animals), then mother's milk becomes not enough for all this is the best replacer in such cases, it can also be given to without parents pups/kittens.

This product is good for dogs of all breeds (up to 2 months) and kitten/cats (up to 2months). Use 30g lactol powder every 100/ml water.

puppies/kittens(body weight <0.5Kg) (75-125ml/day)

puppies/kittens(0.5Kg<body weight <2kg) (125-200ml/day)

puppies/kittens(2kg<body weight<5kg) (300-800ml/day)
Mix with 50-60deg c water,stir with lactol powder,Give solution at temp 38-50deg C(mild warm)

Give multiples times every 2-3 hours in small amounts throughout the day for small slowly reducing dependence puppies/kittens.
1)Can be given to both dogs and cats, helps to promote healthy skeleton
2)Lactating dogs/cats can also take this as they require high levels of milk adds to/helpful additions during pregnancy.
3)Also suited for animals with gluten allergies.
4)100 years old product, easily digestible and rich in anti-oxidants.
5)Naturally source and contains Ca and P in the best levels.
6)Also useful during change (from one thing to another) from mother's milk

Ratings & Reviews

5 *
Beaphar is a good brand with a quality products ....

Goutam ... | 19-Apr-2021

4 *
This paste is really worthful iam using this for m....

Rahul... | 08-Feb-2021

5 *
Best quality toothpaste at reasonable price.....

Sangita... | 14-Jan-2021

4 *
highly recommend: ))....

Rajau Dey... | 02-Mar-2021

4 *
Dog Loves These Vitamins. suitable for toy dogs ....

Susmita ... | 25-Feb-2021


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