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Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming Dog Grooming Dog Grooming Dog Grooming Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming Tools

Grooming your pet is a big responsibility. Every pet parent needs to learn a few basic grooming techniques to keep their furry friend clean and well-groomed. Grooming increases the bonding between a pet and its parent. Besides it also helps to keep your place clean. The more hair you capture in a brush while combing, the less will fall on your beds and couches. Here are a few grooming necessities for your pet- 


Double-sided Bristle Brush

This Double-sided bristle brush is the perfect tool for a thorough groom, the hard bristle will remove the tangles and knots whilst stimulating the coat to provide healthy oils, while the soft bristle side will smoothen the hair down and distribute the oils from the base of the hair to the top layer for a glossy appearance.


It is ideal for large breed dogs and regular brushing is a good time to get to know your pet and useful to check anything like cuts and ticks. It also helps in building a good bond between the owner and the pet.


Double-sided Pin Brush

Pin brushes are used to remove tangles and mats of fur. The size of pins is crucial for combing. Longer pins work best on puppies with long coats smaller or fewer pins are best for medium or small-breed dogs. The pins are made of stainless steel and can be used to groom any pet. However, you should be careful while using it as applying too much pressure can cause skin inflammation.


Wooden Double-sided Feather Brush

This Wooden Double-Sided Feather Brush removes undercoats, broken hair, and loose hair and helps in reducing shedding if used regularly. This brush is used for pets' daily cleaning and maintenance. This brush effectively increases blood circulation. It is suitable for shaggy hair, long hair, and short hair. It has a strong wooden handle for great grip.


De-shedding Tool

This De-shedding tool can reduce shedding up to ninety percent, better than any comb or brush. It reaches beneath the topcoat of the dog and gently removes loose hair. It is made of stainless steel. It is used by professional groomers and gives amazing results.


Nail Clipper and Filer Set

Our nail clipper and filer set has a thick stainless-steel blade that is strong and is manufactured with a high-grade, sharp, stainless steel blade which ensures that you never do uneven cuts. The pet nail clipper is safely outfitted with a safety stop blade to ensure you do not hurt your pet.


This greatly reduces the risk of deep cuts leading to bleeding or serious injury. Our pet nail scissors come with ergonomically designed rubber handles for a comfortable grip. The stainless steel one-cut blades are perfect for nails of all shapes and sizes. Our dog nail clippers are suitable for cats, puppies, birds, small, medium, & large dogs.


Dog and Cat Trimmer Kit

This Dog and Cat Trimmer Kit is a very handy set containing everything you need to trim your pet. The trimmer is cordless and can operate for two hundred and forty minutes after a full charge. It does not conduct much heat and is very safe to use. It is not very loud which helps your pet to feel safe and be at ease. It comes with eight combs as well as a nail clipper which works effectively on dogs as well as cats.

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Published On: 15-November-2020
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