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Vivaldis Proli-vet 200mg 10 Tabs

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Vivaldi's Proli-vet 200mg this liver enhancer for dogs & cats has been manufactured by Bioiberica Animal Health and genuinely imported & marketed into India by its Indian arm namely Vivaldi's animal health.

It contains S-Adenosylmethionine (also known as the same) which helps in improving the metabolism and secretion of liver enzymes. Silybin helps neutralize free radicals known to cause damage to liver cells. Additionally, it is topped with phosphatidylcholine and vitamin E to help vital liver functions.

Dosage: Before a meal, 1 tab 200mg per 10kg body-weight or as recommended by a practicing veterinarian. For cats and small dogs below 10kg, 1/2 tab.

Mostly recommended in causes of liver disorder or liver (Hepatic) failure in dogs & cats.


Product FAQs

How can I help my dogs liver ?

Liver is an essential organ of a dog it helps with digesion and blood clotting and it removes toxins from the system of the dog, if its not working properly it will make your dog sick. But liver disease can be managed and treated. 

There are several symptoms of liver disfunction 

Loss of apettite , weight loss , vomitting , diarrhea , increased thirst , increased need to pee , confusion , yellowish eye and tounge. 

Your dog's treatment depends on how fast you can caught the problem. 

Your dog need a special diet , which contains the nutrients they need and calories they need. 

Supplements such as sam-e or milk thistle may help the liver recover. 

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