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Taiyo Petslife Handfeeding Bird food 500gm

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  • High-quality hand feeding formula for baby birds
  • Baby bird food with DHA omega-3
  • Premium nutrition for all baby birds
  • Helps promote stronger, healthier birds

Material: Mix Grains

Colour: Brown

Nutrient Content: Protein min 20%, Fat min 13%, Fibre 5%, Moisture max. 10%.

Pet Type: Bird

Feeding Instructions:

  • Feed till the Bird’s crop is rounded nicely. Do not allow crops to bulge. Do not overfeed to prevent regurgitation.
  • For every 10gms of body weight of the chick, feed approximately 1ml of prepared formula. Newly hatched chicks may require smaller amounts of feeding until the crop begins to grow.

Product FAQs

How do you hand feed baby finches?

Taiyo Petslife Hand-Feeding Birds Food worked the best for raising finches. Use a small oral tipped syringe for the feedings.

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