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Hello Pet Double Sided Bristle Brush Large

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  • This two-sided brush is the perfect tool for a thorough groom, the hard bristle side will remove tangles and knots whilst stimulating the coat to produce healthy natural oils, while the soft bristle side will smooth hairs down and distribute the oil from the base of the hair to the top layer for a glossy appearance.
  • Regular brushing is a good time to get to know your pet and useful to check for anything unusual like cuts or ticks, it also helps to strengthen the bond between pet and owner for improved well being.
  • Ideal for large breed dogs

Product FAQs

What is the difference between a pin brush and a slicker brush?

The slicker brush is designed with long, tightly packed pins which can penetrate deep into the undercoat and remove any matted hair or skin. As a pin brush comes in different lengths and has wider spaced pins, this makes it a great option for use on all lengths of hair.

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